New Registration Category Structure

New for 2021, ObesityWeek has changed how registration categories are defined.


Professional working in a research, clinical, public health, or public policy position.


A research or clinical professional (e.g., laboratory, clinical, or office assistant) working under the direct supervision of a Regular registrant. The rate the Affiliate will pay depends on the membership status of the Regular registrant to whom the Affiliate reports.

Early Career

Within 5 years of receiving a PhD, MD, DO or other terminal degree. This includes postdoctoral fellows, medical residents, clinicians-in-training, junior faculty, etc.


Full-time graduate or undergraduate.


Anyone who works for a corporation.

Includes: pharmaceutical, medical device, supplement, food, weight management, wearables manufacturers, etc.

Excludes: medical practices, government, hospitals, universities, independent research facilities, non-profits, etc.