Information Sharing and Privacy Policy

Obesity Week LLC and The Obesity Society respect the privacy of our attendees and do the utmost to protect personal data. Event sub-processors are contractually obligated to conform with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data privacy requirements. Obesity Week LLC and The Obesity Society may use your personal information to fulfill their contractual obligations regarding the registration process and for the purpose of organizing and enhancing the conference experience. Obesity Week LLC and The Obesity Society may also use data collected in the registration process to personalize communications with registrants, for statistical analysis, and marketing.

Registration and Credit Card

All credit card transactions are encrypted through Card Connect, in accordance with PCI Compliance standards. Should you join The Obesity Society during registration, your information will be stored in the MemberSuite system. Demographic information requested during the registration process is entirely optional. It will be used for artificial intelligence enhancement of the virtual conference platform, statistical analysis, and marketing. If at any time you wish to remove your demographic responses, you may do so by contacting [email protected] or updating your personal profile.


Your name, professional title, and organization’s name will be disclosed on the RDMobile App. Other fields in your personal profile can be blank or hidden from view, just like privacy settings on social media platforms. ObesityWeek staff, sub-processors, other attendees, and exhibitors who log into the app will have access to data displayed in your personal profile. If you prefer not to have your name, title, and organization disclosed on the app, please contact [email protected].


With your expressed permission, Obesity Week LLC, The Obesity Society and their partners may send you messages related to this and future conferences. Should you later change your mind about receiving these messages, all emails will include an opt-out link for ease of unsubscribing, or you may contact [email protected] to update your subscriptions.

Exhibitor Email List Rental / Badge Scanning

During registration, you are required to choose whether you opt in or opt out to exhibitor email list rentals. Email list rentals by exhibitors, sponsors, and partners will be processed by Bethesda List Center, Inc., a licensed and bonded mail house that is contractually obligated to observe privacy requirements and will not release your name or email address to exhibitors/sponsors who rent the list. During the conference, any attendee who clicks in the app to connect with an exhibitor or scans a badge in the live exhibit hall will be consenting to the transfer of their personal contact/demographic information to that exhibitor.


When you reserve a room in an ObesityWeek hotel, you are giving your contact information to that hotel for business purposes. You can review the hotels’ policies on their individual websites. ObesityWeek does conduct hotel room audits with each hotel (comparing registration lists to rooming list), to identify anyone who was not marked as an ObesityWeek attendee when the hotel room was reserved.  All hotels have agreed to destroy registration lists used in the audit after use, and to not use registration lists for any purpose but the audit.


ObesityWeek does use third party cookies, such as Google tags and Google analytics.

Record Retention

Contact information and financial transaction records will be retained for at least 2 years for financial audit purposes. CME data must be retained for a minimum of 6 years per ACCME requirements. Published abstracts are retained indefinitely. Please contact [email protected] if you have privacy concerns related to the storing of this information.

CME / Evaluations

Email addresses and names will be shared with our CME vendor (Planstone) to allow CME certificate processing and to allow the evaluation function on the app to function properly. Individual CME claims data must be retained for a minimum of 6 years per ACCME requirements. If you choose to claim ABIM MOC credit, your certification number and month and date of birth will be collected for reporting purposes (American Board of Internal Medicine and ACCME requirement.) If you have privacy concerns and wish to forego these services, please contact [email protected] to be erased from those systems.


Speaker names, images, bios, and affiliations will be published on the ObesityWeek website, the RDMobile App, and ObesityWeek marketing initiatives. Speaker data and presentations / posters will be stored in the Planstone speaker management system and will be transmitted to the RDMobile App. Most conference sessions are recorded. Those who purchase recordings will be able to view them after the conference dates via Planstone.  Please contact TOS [email protected] speaker management to decline the speaking invitation if you do not wish to be recorded.

Fake Websites

Beware of fake websites that are not affiliated with The Obesity Society or ObesityWeek. In order to attend ObesityWeek, you must register through