Virtual Conference Platform

ObesityWeek® Interactive is much more than a collection of videos! All registrants will get access to this engaging, interactive platform the week before the conference to complete their personal profile, set up and sign up for roundtables, watch tutorials, and explore the site. Full access to educational content begins November 2.


As Easy As Facebook

The ObesityWeek® Interactive platform uses common social media conventions and icons.  You’ll have a personal newsfeed, and be able to connect with people and companies. You can instantly communicate with others by direct message within the system or by video call. There’s also a feature that lets you vote questions and answers up and down. You can even set up your profile to notify you of activity via email for when you step away.


Roundtables are small-group-Zoom calls on topics and times defined by conference registrants. Entirely attendee-driven, use Roundtables to jump-start a project, get mentor advice, or connect with those who share your interests.  Join roundtables that interest you, or start your own!

Chat Boards

Every session and every poster at ObesityWeek® Interactive has a dedicated question and answer chat board to interact with presenters and others who are interested in the topic.  There are also chat boards where those who share interests can collaborate

Real-time Broadcast Sessions

Check out the interactive conference schedule for two channels worth of real-time concurrent programming. Be sure to enter your questions for the presenters in the session chat board for the live Q&A following each presentation.

On Demand Recorded Sessions

Did you miss a broadcast session? All broadcast sessions are recorded, so you can watch any time through December 31! There is also a large selection of on-demand sessions that are not on the broadcast schedule, so be sure to look through the entire catalogue. If you want to have access to 2020 on demand recordings throughout 2021, be sure to add on access for $50. After the conference, that price increases to $300.

Poster Hall

Better than an in-person poster hall, each virtual poster PDF (with audio recording) includes a chat board where you can post questions, discuss the research, and see conversations that have occurred with other visitors, giving you much richer insight into new research. You can also request to connect with presenters for private direct message or video call discussion.

Exhibit Hall

Explore the Exhibit Hall, where you can talk directly to exhibitors via direct message or video chat, join a demonstration Zoom call, request samples, enter drawings, or simply watch videos and read brochures.

Mentor Match

Interesting in being a mentor or a mentee? If you skipped those fields during registration, you can still fill them out in your personal profile. Then go to the Mentor Match section of the system to search for your best match. You can also sign up for mentor-led roundtables in the Roundtable section of the system.

Job Board

Are you hiring? Say so in your personal profile, and post the listing on the virtual conference job board in the section that matches the position’s career level and field. If you’re looking, direct message the job poster for more information or to set up a video call. Remember that the ObesityWeek® Interactive job board is available through December 31.

AI Matching

An exciting component of the ObesityWeek® Interactive platform is artificial intelligence – the platform will give you suggestions on people, abstracts, and sessions that you might like.

Personal Profile

The key to getting the MOST out of the platform is to complete your profile.  Your responses will not only help the AI engine make the best suggestions to you but will also help with the virtual networking component of the conference.


The platform comes with full-feature privacy settings in your personal profile, so you can be specific about exactly how you interact with other registrants and exhibitors.

Reputation Points

Will you rule the leaderboard? Every time you interact with people, you get points in the system game. Look in your personal profile for your total points and at the leaderboard for your ranking.