Prospectus for Sponsorship, Exhibiting, Advertising, & Engagement

Connect with your customers and demonstrate your commitment to evidence-based obesity treatment with a sponsorship, advertising, exhibiting, or engagement opportunity. You can purchase these options through the conference registration system by following the Commercial Registration path. For more information, contact  Please note, the ACCME Standards for Integrity and Independence will apply.

Signature Sponsor - $25,000

Exclusive! This is an exclusive opportunity for ONE company only. Your logo will be featured as the Signature Sponsor, displayed prominently under the ObesityWeek® logo on the virtual conference sign-in page, the point of entry for all attendees. Your company will also be thanked by name and will receive exclusive ad placement in the “post-conference important information” email sent by ObesityWeek® to all attendees. Your company logo will also be listed at the top of the list on the home page and you will have the first placement for the rotating ad on the home page screen. Sponsorship includes one (1) corporate supported symposium along with added benefits that include two eblasts (one pre- and one post-conference).

Leader Board Ad - $7,500

Exclusive! Be the company sponsoring the game rules and leader board pages where attendees receive points towards prizes based on their level of engagement with the platform. Size of both ads: 400 wide x 200 tall px.  File types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif

Login Launch Email Ad- $5,000

Exclusive! Have your advertisement or logo featured at the bottom of the communication sent to ALL registered attendees. This email has a very high open rate. It announces that the conference has opened and contains the official login link to the virtual conference platform.  Size: 800 wide x 200 tall px.  File type: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif. Ad should include in small print: This product/company is neither sponsored nor endorsed by ObesityWeek® and The Obesity Society.

Conference Home Page Rotating Ad - $5,000

Feature your advertisement prominently on the home screen for the conference – the hub that leads to all other parts of the virtual conference. Only five spots available; one reserved for Signature Sponsor. Size 350 wide x 600 tall px.  File types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif.

Poster Hall Page Rotating Ad - $5,000

A cornerstone of ObesityWeek®, the poster hall is where new science happens. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s mid-day breaks have been promoted as dedicated time for live interaction with poster presenters. Only 5 spots available. Size 350 wide x 600 tall px.  File types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif.

Home Page Supporting Sponsor Recognition - $3,000

Your company logo will be recognized as a supporting sponsor on the conference home page.

Roundtable Small Group Engagement - $250 each

Roundtables are platform-hosted small-group Zooms of no more than 20 people that allow direct engagement and networking. They are an integral part of this virtual conference, and Wednesday’s mid-day break has been promoted as a dedicated time for roundtables. Commercial roundtables may be purchased a la carte during registration. They will be listed alongside all non-commercial roundtables by date, time, topic, and host. This is the only mechanism for commercial roundtables. This can only be purchased in conjunction with a commercial conference registration. Note: To host, you must purchase under your own commercial registration. If you are assisting someone else, please purchase under their registration.

Product Showcase Exhibit Booth - $1,500 each

A dedicated page in the Showcase section of the virtual conference site where you can advertise a commercial product. Product showcase ads may be purchased a la carte during registration and replaces a typical company-focused virtual exhibit hall with a product-specific page that appeals more directly to attendee interests. Attendees will have the option of “scanning” their badge when they visit your product showcase and you will be supplied the leads. You can incentivize badge scans with giveaways, drawings, or other mechanisms. If you wish to staff your showcase during the conference with a live person to interact with attendees, you should register that person as a commercial registrant and add on the booth to their registration.  Otherwise, you may post contact information in the booth description. If you are assisting someone else, please purchase under their registration. Main graphic size: 480 wide x 320 tall px. Descriptions, PDFs, links, videos, and contact information are all supported by the platform. Exhibitors will be emailed setup instructions in October and will be given access to the site for booth setup on approximately October 21.

Mailing List Rental - $1,000 each

Get your message into the hands of opted-in registrants! Your company must be an exhibitor, sponsor, or advertiser at ObesityWeek to rent this list. Renters will NOT receive the email list themselves – all contact information is handled through the official ObesityWeek vendor, Bethesda List Management, to ensure privacy. Renter handles formatting the eblast and sending to the vendor for approval. You will have the opportunity to view and approve the eblast before it is sent.

Corporate Sponsored Symposia

List your symposia* on the main conference schedule, with a link outside of the virtual conference platform to your registration or webinar/on-demand online educational activity. Opportunity comes with 2 attendee email blasts to increase registration at your event and the right to advertise your event as part of the ObesityWeek® 2021 program (disclaimer required). Includes an announcement on the main conference news feed. Note that the conference platform will be active November 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021. Recommended date range for corporate supported symposia is November 6, 2021 through December 31, 2021 to take full advantage of extra marketing during the conference dates.

Ryan Cliche
Phone: (202) 557-8599